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Venomous Cobra Spotted in The Tourist And Local Spot Of Dahu Park In Taipei

A venomous cobra spotted near a swimming pool in Dahu Park in Taipei’s Neihu District. Taiwanese netizens posted the photos on social media which is a one meter long cobra has seen showing its hood and taunting at a person who is trying fend it of in the public.

Everyone advised to take precaution on safety first specially that the park is a local and tourist area which the park has a lot people especially on weekends.

The Venomous Snake and Ferret-Badger Bite Emergency Information Station in Taiwan told that a snake was also spotted in Dahu Park in 2016 which is a brown spotted pitviper. According to some netizens, maybe snakes are coming out due to high heat temperatures.

The currently seen cobra in Dahu Park is presumably a Taiwanese Cobra with its white rings on its hood. This type of cobra are protected by the law and should not be harassed or abused.

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