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3D Optical Illusions May Cause Accidents In A Road At Taichung

A factory wall in Taichung City has a painted 3d optical illusions and  many residents are concerned that i may cause road accidents due to its unnecessary display of road illusion.

The 3D painting is located at the intersection of Fengnan Street Lane 240 in Taichung City's Fengyuan District and Xianghe Road in the city's Tanzi District. Drivers must pay attention with this kind of illusion, it may go straight and hit a brick of wall.

The 3d painting has a base color of white and a then dark great with almost the same color of the road. Officials already notfied police to put road warnings in the said area.

Taiwanese netizens feels dismay and feared regarding the 'artwork' and can lead to accidents and possibly death specially at night time driving.

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