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A man falls to his death in Taipei 101 building

Taipei, Taiwan- A very tragic incident happened early morning of July 23 when a man fell from Taipei 101 that had cause to his death.  Confirmed by the Taipei Fire Department.

At around 3:10 am, as the two workers were changing the led lights in the 6th floor of the building when suddenly their platforms had been dislocated causing, Mr. Lee to fell down from 6th floor to 2nd floor and suffer fatal cranial fracture. While his companion Mr. Pan was able to hold and slowly crawled to the ledge of the building. According to the Taipei fire department.

Meanwhile, it took 2 hours to rescue Mr. Pan due to ladder problem, because the location of Mr. Pan was so high and their ladder is not enough to reached him. So the Fire Department waited for another fire truck that can able to reached the location.

The Labor department and the Taipei fire department are having a further investigation weather the workers have done any lapses.


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