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ASE Demands Remains Strong Even Under The Trade Dispute Between US and China

Even with the dispute in trade war between the United States and China, ASE Technology Holdings Co would not affect its growing revenue as demands from customers will remain strong in the next few quarters.

ASE has a longstanding strategy to globalize which is commanding, customers are still assessing the if they would reduce production in China and if it will transfer to its other subsidiary. Orders by customers may vary depending on the region.

Although the dispute between the two countries may affect the cutting edge technologies like 5G and artificial intelligence. Currently ASE just expanded its production lines in Brazil and Mexico adding to its existing fabrications at Taiwan, China, South Korea and eastern Europe.

“ASE has been scaling its global manufacturing footprint over the past 20 years,” “We are diversifying our customers as well. We serve clients from around the globe” according to Tien Wu, ASE’s chief operating officer.

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