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Emergency Message In Taiwan That States A Dengue Alert Is A False Alarm

Have you recieved a message stating an emergency about dengue fever in Taiwan? It is a false alarm.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of Taiwan had issued an apology for accidentally sending out a dengue fever alert to millions of cell phone users across Taiwan on July 9, CDC is blaming the incident on a "bug" in their system.

The message is (translated to english):

"Epidemic situation warns that there is a local dengue fever epidemic in your area (Kaishanli). Please take adequate measures to protect against mosquitoes. Take the initiative to remove indoor and outdoor water containers for regular inspection. Those who experience fever, headache, arthralgia, erythema, etc... should go to a doctor as soon as possible to undergo NS1 rapid screening. The Tainan City Government and CDC are concerned about you."

"We apologize for the inconvenience," quoted from CDC. The message was purposely send to Kaishanli in Tainan City, but a 'bug' made it to send it in all of Taiwan.

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