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Huawei And HiSilicon Looking Forward To Resume Demands From Companies In Taiwan

Taiwan companies supplying Huawei and Hisilicon felt some relief when US government softened its bearing against the Chinese tech giants. The business for both will continue and will expect demands and orders ramp up once again.

With Huawei and Hisilicon Technologies back on track, the following companies will benefit more on the demands that will restart pulling orders on component suppliers and COF substrates to:

1. Win Semiconductors

2. Advanced Wireless Semiconductor

3. Visual Photonics Epitaxy

4. Global Communication Semiconductor

5. ChipMOS technologies

6. Chipbond Technology

7. JMC Electronics

Huawei hopes to everything will go back normal as soon as possible after its products on 5G are halted due to the US ban. Both companies are reviewing their IC inventories to determine their next move.

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