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Pinoy Seaman indicted for the charges of homicide case in Taiwan

Pingtung County, Taiwan (July 12, 2019) -The Former Filipino Chief Officer of Wen Peng, a register fishing boat of Donggang, Pingtung County has been indicted for the charges of homicide case by the Pingtung District Prosecutors Office.

February 20, 2019, when the incident of killing one fellow Filipino and one Indonesian had happened in the in waters off Mauritius. The Taiwan coastguard had sent a rescue vessel to the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka last Feb. 21, 2019.

The Filipino suspect had been arrested after coast guard personnel spent about 13 hours negotiating with the suspect, as the Wen Peng’s cabin door was locked from inside and the boat’s rails were electrified, the coast guard said.

The prosecutor said Friday that their investigation found the suspect quarreled with some of the crew over task allocations aboard the vessel Feb. 20, before he stabbed a compatriot to death.

A total of eight people died during the bloodbath -- five Indonesians and three Filipinos -- the prosecutor added.

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