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Report: 6,000 Total Employees Cut By Taiwanese Solar Cell Companies In The Last 18 Months

In an annual report and review by CNA, Taiwanese manufacturers of solar cells and solar panels have cut a total of 6,000 employees in a span of 18months to survive the weak global market.

Currently, United Renewable Energy Co (UREC), a merging of three companies that includes Neo Solar power, Gintech Energy and Solartech Energy recently announced to cut its workforce by 10 to 20%.

E-Ton Solar also posted also big losses which can make its manpower to go down. Last year, Motech Industries cuts and layoff its staffs by 2,161 position which is the biggest layoff on a solar cell industry.

Tainergy Technology Co. also cuts its workforce by 951 people and retaining only 97 as it moved solar cell production to Vietnam for a lower labor cost.

TSEC Corp turned to be the most successful when its profit grows after moving to back-end module and panel manufacturing after it reports losses in 2018.

Still, solar cell industry finds way to survive by selling the products to the domestic market but if the products far exceed, Taiwanese vendors are having trouble finding outlets to sell the products.

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