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Taichung Set To Have Its 18 Station MRT Green Line

Central Taiwan’s Taichung has its first MRT Green Line on its final stage of system integration adjustments which have been on test runs according to Taichung transport officials. 

It is currently on the stage of adjustments on areas lie electricity supply and engineering facilities.

The planned commercial operations will be in 2020 as the trial run will happen between 6am and midnight daily on its 16.71km line. The trial run will enable the officials to check noise and to install sound barriers properly.

The construction started in 2009 and the MRT green line will connect Taichung’s major transportation hubs and terminals like Taichung High Speed Railway Station, Taichung City Hall and Wenxin Forest Park. The MRT line will have 18 stations which were about 845 in completion.

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