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Taiwan Invoice result for May- June

Taiwan (July 25, 2019)- The Ministry of Finance announced this afternoon of the lucky receipt number for the month of  May -June. The special number is 46356460, whoever has this invoice will received NT$10 million.

The Grand prize, lucky receipt is 56337787, and if ever who has this receipt will surely win NT$2 million.

The first prize of the month of May-June are receipt number 93339845, 83390355, 804431063. This in right order and whoever  has this receipt will surely win NT$200,000.

If anyone get the following numbers in right order will received:
7 digit = NT$40,000
6 digit = NT$10,000
5 digit = NT$4,000
4 digit = NT$1,000
3 digit = NT$200

The additional prize, whoever has this last 3 digit number 984, 022, 240 will win NT$200.


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