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Tallest Building in Taiwan

                                       Taipei 101

         Taipei 101 derived from the fact that the building surrounds of 101 floors. Its origin was known as Taipei International Financial Center. Because of different investors that had their market. Include communication companies, Banks, motor companies, consulting groups, and financial companies. Google Taiwan on the 73rd  floor and L'Oreal the largest cosmetic company and also Taiwan Stock exchange.
Taipei 101 is the 18th most expensive building in the world which cost 1.80 Billion US dollars.
Its constructed with faster elevator with 60.6 km(1010 meters per minute or its called "Ferrari" elevator. The building height is  509.2 meter(1,671 ft).
From 2004-2010 it was considered as the tallest building in the world.
Taipei 101 building is very earthquake resistant it has pendulum which  728 -ton globe is a tuned mass damper its designs to control the movement of the building whenever there are an earthquake and seismic activity on a skyscraper. It controls the swaying of the building.

 Its really amazing that building. It's the largest green building. The main tower features eight series floor. That in Chinese culture 8 means abundance, pros, and good fortune  1 January =1-01 high symbols a traditional number of perfection.
  Many foreigners love to visit this tower because of the amazing structure and different original business section inside that comes from different countries. It has also a relaxation area, food place that serves a different kind of menu.


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