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Thus the Taiwan beach have a quality of water for us to feel safe for swimming?

     Summer temperatures easily rising above 30 degrees Celsius in Taiwan, beaches around the country are popular places for people looking to beat the heat. But, is the water quality of beaches in Taiwan safe for swimming?

According to Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration’s test results, it is safe to swim at all the eight beaches where water samples had been collected because all the samples met the government benchmark for swimmer safety 

 The Environmental Water Quality Information website for beachgoers to reference when they are heading to the beach

     The water samples collected from the Wai’ao Beach in Yilan County, Fulong Beach in New Taipei, Xin Jinshan Beach in New Taipei, Tongxiao Beach in Miaoli County, Hsitzuwan Beach in Kaohsiung, Kenting Nanwan Recreational Area in Pingtung County, and Guanyin Tin Beach in Penghu County all met with the sanitary standards and were rated as “good.”

The agency said it had asked all beach operators and their administrative agencies to post the EPA beach water quality test results and remind the public to watch out for water quality.

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