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Train commuters in Taiwan are warned and be vigilant against possible attackers

Taipei, Taiwan (July 24, 2019)- The Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation are on high alert after 3 consecutive days of death threats received from a random people online.

The MRT passengers are advised to be vigilant in the surroundings and not always focus their eyes on smart devices. A certain Liao, vocational students had posted on facebook that she is going to kill at exit 1 in Neihu station. But later on, the Police were able to track her location and got arrested.

Meanwhile, another threat from a forum online, posted that he will kill randomly at Banan line on Monday, but later he changes the location to Kaohsuing station. And now more passengers are worried about their safety.

All threats are being taken seriously by the authorities. A lot of Police had been deployed in the train stations, from ticketing to entrance and several platforms of each station. and every system and control stations are being alerted for any suspicious people.

Others have rumors, that this could be the spill of the gangster in Hongkong wherein they brutally attacked people randomly in train stations.


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