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UMC, VIS, MXIC and Winbond Reported Increased In Revenue

Pureplay foundries United Microelectronics (UMC) and Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS) have recorded a better than expected sales results for 2ndquarter of 2019.

Though UMC and VIS records a decrease in June revenue, the total revenue for the whole quarter have increased totally.

UMC generated a total of NT$36.03billion for the second quarter beating their own outlook of earnings while VIS registered a NT$6.92 billion which is also much higher than expected.

Alsongside UMS and VIS, DRAM and flash memory specialists Winbond Electronics together with ROM and and also flash memory specialist Macronix International (MXIC) also saw a double digit sequential increase in revenue.


  1. Good to hear that the revenue of vis is increased.. But tha salaries of filipino workers their is not increased and did nit get any bonus from that company. While taiwanese always get their bonus every company increased their revenue. I wonder. What is their basis to get a bonus .?? It was so unfair to filipino workers. Who working hard to that company. Filipino workers always do their best to that company. But company did not pay back for that effort. Commom vis open your eyes.

  2. VIS owes the FTEs an explanation regarding bonuses. As if the FTEs are not part of the company's reason of success. Besides working schedules for the FTEs compared to TEs and no salary increase, no bonus yet TEs receive better compensation and bonuses, modern slavery indeed. Is this what you call equal treatment or just masking the truth that the company also treats FTEs as marginalized group?


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