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30 things that should be avoided during Chinese ghost month

Today 7th month of the Chinese calendar marked as "The ghost month". This is the time believe that the gate of hell is open and hungry souls go out to roam around in the world of the living for the whole month. The Filipino is not far from this kind of belief because it is almost the same as the old times.

In Chinese belief, 30 popular taboos should be followed.

  1. Avoid painting dark colors in your nails- Spirits may think you are one of them because dead people have dark nails due to no blood flow.
  2. Avoid Selfies or taking pictures at night because some spirit will be captured.
  3. Do not cover your forehead- Those with long hair, bangs must be pin high. Chinese believes that forehead should not be covered because of the concentrated life energy or Powerful "yang" energy is located in the forehead that can overpower the crossing ghost.
  4. Do not wear Black or Red clothing - The ghost is attracted to this color and may follow you home.
  5. Girls avoid wearing high heels- According to the Chinese belief that one of the major energy points is beneath our ankles and it should be protected by the spirit coming out from the ground.

  6. Avoid hanging wet clothes late at night- It is believed that ghost may stick to the clothes and can be brought inside your house.
  7. Do not stab the chopstick on your rice bowl- this resembles indirect cursing your death or resembles of offering to the dead.
  8. Do not open an umbrella inside or outside the house especially if it is red or black- It is believed that ghost may seek and can be brought inside the house.
  9. Do not sit in front of the opera street because the front seat are intended for the ghost.
  10. Do not kill rare insects like butterflies, moths or grasshoppers that may come inside your house because it is believed that they are the ancestors visiting home.
  11. Do not talk about ghost stories because wandering spirits may attract.
  12. Do not whistle at night- it is believed that you are getting their attention.
  13. If someone taps you on the shoulder or calls your name behind, do not turn your head around and look or answer the call. Because in Chinese believe the "ying yang" energy be imbalanced so when some calls you must turn your whole body.
  14. Do not be too much curious about strange sounds like soft whispering, sobbing, strange smells particularly the pleasant one. And if you feel something or sudden coldness just remain calm and do not shift your eyes and continue towards your destination.
  15. Do not pick strange things especially the coins at streets- this is intended for the dead. Have you noticed if someone encounter a funeral, the vehicles passing by are throwing coins? because it is for the dead to take.
  16. Avoid jungle Hiking , camping, trekking.- it is believed that in the jungle the ghost is more powerful.
  17. Avoid swimming, fishing or any water-related activities- It is believed that those who were drowned will be vengeful by dragging someone to replace in their position so that they can linger or re-incarnate.
  18. Vacations and major travel should be postponed. It is believed that this month is prone to an accident due to bad spirits.
  19. Do not stand under the tree or a bus stop, especially at night and when waiting for the last bus route.
  20. The pregnant and children should avoid staying outside the late at night, the ghost may bump you. In which the dark energy is so powerful.
  21. Do not yell or curse because you can cause to offend or angry a ghost.
  22. Moving into a new house is prohibited, renovating the house, buying new furniture especially mattresses. House party should be avoided.
  23. No ceremony of matrimony during ghost month- bad lucks and unwanted guest may crash your party.
  24. It is considered as bad luck if you visit a funeral, sick friend or even getting surgery.
  25. Avoid leaving the door opened especially at night because this may invite the negative energy to your houses.
  26. Avoid talking about yourself because this will give a signal to the craving spirits to interact with the living.
  27. Refrain making jokes are disrespecting the place of the temporary altar in the streets. Because the spirit may be offended and follow you home.
  28. Do not look under the altar during prayer because some spirit having feast underneath will be disturbed.
  29. Do not take anything on the altar, those offering are for the dead and do not place your child on the altar because hungry ghost may mistakenly take your child as an offering.
  30. Avoid leaning or walking near the walls or hallway because according to belief the spirit preferred to walk or stick along the walls and dark corners.


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