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A Filipina worker died after suffering severe hydrofluoric acid burns that accidentally pour into her body

Dingyuan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. in Zhunan Branch of Miaoli County, at 9 am on the August 28. was surprised by the accident of Gong'an, a Filipino female migrant worker name Deserie Castro Tagubasi a 29 years old

The company that employed her in the Jhunan Science Park said the Filipina was wearing a protective gear that covered her front side to clean circuit boards using hydrofluoric acid, but had accidentally knocked over the substance as she turned around.

The hydrofluoric acid syrup Overturned splattered lower limbs, causing severe erosion of the large area of ​​the legs of the victim, the company said

A spokesperson for Dingyuan Optoelectronics said that the Filipino female migrant worker was swaying because of the corrosive liquids she was exposed to during her work, and the female migrant worker turned to take care of the accident, causing the hydrofluoric acid solution to be overturned and sprayed. Splashed on the body; the factory staff immediately went to help, and immediately informed the fire brigade, but still helpless.

The Miaoli County Fire Department also said that hydrofluoric acid is a strong acid and toxic. The technology plant uses an etched circuit board, also known as bone water; it is used for cleaning agents; when splashing the skin, manufacturers need to bring their own hexafluoride or Antibiotics and detergents and calcium gluconate ointment (will eat human calcium) These drugs need to be prepared and cooperated with the local emergency room, and the poison will be the combination of fluoride and blood calcium, magnesium and potassium ions. dead.

After the victim was rush to transferred to the Taipei Rong General Toxicology First Aid, because only few hospital in Taiwan are able to deal from Hydroflouric, she was still declared dead at 10 pm on the August 28.

The Filipina worker was scheduled to return to the Philippines in September, but it is expected to mourn Taiwan at the time of returning home.


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