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Archery Intructor In Taiwan Sentenced For Death Penalty Following A Case Of Murder

Taiwan's death penalty is so much alive and currently it sentenced the 38 year old archery intructor Chen Po-chien for brutal killing and dismemberment of a woman in Taipei's Huashan Grassland area, reported by CNA.

He received the death penalty according to Taipei District Court which he is found guilty murder, theft, desecration and abandonment of a dead body.

His victim is one of his students and is arrested last June 18, 2018 and later confessed about the murder.

Chen killed his student at his studio on Huashan Grassland after his student rejected his sexual desire while he is drunk.

He chopped the body into 13 pieces which he then transferred to the northern slope of Yangmingshan, where he disposed of the body parts. He kept the woman's vagina and nipple as thropy.


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