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NASA: Typhoon Lekima Reached Category 4 Super Typhoon Level

The Central Weather Bureau already issued maritime and land typhoon warnings at 4:15 am this morning (Aug 9). Work and classes were suspended, and the storm circle touched Sanchajiao at 0:00 in the morning. The storm circle poses a threat to the land in northern and northeastern Taiwan. 

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) pointed out that typhoon Lekima has reached the "super typhoon" level and the intensity may still increase.

The central air pressure is 915 hectopascals, the maximum wind speed near the center is 53 meters per second, the maximum instantaneous gust is 65 meters per second. North Taiwan will bear the brunt of the typhoon.

The probability of rainfall across Taiwan will be possible, the typhoon speed will slow down during the day, and it will also affect Taiwan. 

NASA also pointed out that typhoon Lekima "super typhoon" rating is equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane, and typhoon intensity may still increase to Category 5.

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