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OFW bound to Poland arrived in destination with no job

A group of OFW in Poland seek help in Bitag program after they were scam by their agency in the Philippines. They were deployed by the agency bound to Poland but after arriving in their destination they found no job waiting for them.
The family of the OFW went to the Bitag program, to seek help on behalf of their loved ones who were been scam by Richland International Manpower Specialist Company. According to the deployed OFW, the agency had promised and as per signed contract that they will receive their monthly salary that ranges to Php46,000- Php48,000 monthly.
It was also found out that the agency had asked too much placement fee, each of them had given the amount Php300k to the agency. During the investigation of the Bitag team, they found out that the contract given and signed by the deployed OFW had no translation to English, so the applicant can't understand what is all about in the contract. The whole contract was not been followed. Then they also found out that their representative in Poland has a previous case of human trafficking.

The case had already been brought to the POEA office. According Atty. Bernard Olalia the Administrator of POEA, the following rules should be observed by the aspiring OFW.

  1. Visa must be the same with job order
  2. The contract must have English translation
  3. Placement fee should not exceed a maximum of one month salary.
  4. An official receipt should be issued with the name of the agency.
  5. All aspiring OFW should follow the rules to avoid the future dilemma

Please watch the full video!!!


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