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OFW In Taiwan paid NT$150k for a job in Europe, ended up with no job

In a post by MECO POLO Taichung, another OFW in Taiwan gamble for a work in Europe due to the high salary in the region.

According the post an unnamed worker breaks its contract in Innolux Tainan and pay a hefty amount of NT$150,000 to a 'agent' named Ligaya. 

The OFW have successfully have its flight to Prague but the problem is there is no job waiting and ended up empty handed.

See below post from MECO POLO Taichung:

MECO always give stern warning to all OFW working in Taiwan not to gamble for work in Europe specially transacting to a unknown person which are illegal recruiters.

1 comment:

  1. cgurado ako nian..pinoy/pinay recruiter kaya manloloko.


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