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OFW Story: A sad story of a whole Family that where destroy by an itchy mistress

It's heartbreaking to see a family that's slowly falling apart. But sad to say it happens most of the time to OFW families because of infidelity.

Infidelity is not exclusive to families in the Philippines. There are a lot of Filipino workers abroad who are getting involved in a relationship despite having a family and children in the Philippines.
Most of them, homesickness is the reason, but no matter what it is, giving your children a broken home is unacceptable.
To add to the long list of broken OFW families, Facebook user EX Ortega shared her very own experience on her social media account.
According to Ortega, her husband first went to Saudi Arabia last 2009, intending to provide a better future for their kids.
Their communication was maintained until 2013. Her husband said that video call apps are blocked in Saudi. She instantly believed her husband, knowing that he is a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo.
It was then that their communication became seldom. However, Ortega, later on, found out that her husband has a Facebook account, one thing that he never told her.

It was then that she saw a Facebook user who kept on commenting on the photos of her husband. She sensed that something is wrong but still ignored that feeling because she trusted him.

2014 until 2017 husband still managed to return to them, she senses something wrong he never joined his family to church. Later on, she found out that he stopped going to church and lived with his mistress.

September 2018 he returned into the Philippines but not to his family but his parents in LaPaz.he bad-mouthed his wife and claimed that she is a total liar
They decided to break up and talked about allotment of their children at 1st he constantly sends money but later on, he stopped sending money to his children and refused to talk to them.

Ortega is staying strong for her children. Believing they will get through all of these troubles in life without his husband on their side

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