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Several aspiring OFW to Taiwan had been swindled by a fake training center

Several aspiring OFW had been swindled by fake a training center who claimed to be connected with Interactive Connections International Recruitment Agency Co.

A group of aspiring OFW sought the help of BITAG after a month of not getting clear jobs in Taiwan. According to the complainant, Ms. Florida Paculba an owner of the F&S Training and Dormwork Assesment Center Inc had collected a huge amount of money that ranges from Php50,000 to Php60,000 to each one of them.

According to the complainants, the swindler had promised a factory job in Taiwan but a couple of months had passed by no deployment happened and all of them are worried because some money they pay to Ms. Paculba are borrowed from the lending companies and the interest are ongoing.

The BITAG team had confronted Ms. Paculba in front of the Brgy. Captain Larisa Adora in Brgy. Silangan, San Mateo Rizal to which her training center is located. During the confrontation, the suspect denied the allegation of receiving such huge amount of money and she also denied that she is recruiting applicants. She insisted that she is connected to Interactive Connections International Recruitment Agency Co but upon giving the verification paper from POEA that she is not affiliated with the said agency, she denied right away that she is connected with the agency.

During the investigation of the BITAG team, it was found out that the suspect is a member of the peacekeeping team in the barangay. An immediate order of dismisal had been issued by the Barangay Captain Adora, because according to the Captain that she will not tolerate such things especially an employee of her barangay. The Municipal BPLO had inspected her business location and it was also found out that her first location was not approved and no license to operate.


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