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Taiwan to tighten against pretending tourists and human traffickers

Taipei, Taiwan- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is planning to relax the visa treatment to the third world countries. The visa-free treatment for the Philippines won't change despite of several violations committed by Filipinos. While other countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos had undergone various conditional visa-free treatment.

The MOFA is conducting an investigation against all tourist and workers because they are making Taiwan as the transit point to their  final destination. According to Joanne Ou the spokesperson of MOFA.

Last August 7, the Philippine Authorities of Manila International Airport had intercepted 12 illegal workers and bound to Taipei and their final destination is UAE. Some also are pretending to be tourist in Taiwan but the real intentions is they will use the country as their exit point to other countries. And for this year it is estimated that there are 8,511 undocumented migrant workers. and last December 2018, There are 152 Vietnamese fled from the group and several  others are still at large.

The MOFA is still accounting and investigating the case and there is a possible chance that human traffickers uses Taiwan as their transit point. And this could be a national security threat to the country.


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