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The Philippines has no confirmed ASF yet but Taiwan authorities intensify its inspection of hand carries.

Manila, Philippines- During the press briefing this Monday, August 19, the Agriculture Secretary of the Philippines William Dar had confirmed that there were reports of hog mortality in several areas but decline to name the places and refuse to identify the cause of death of the hogs because the tissue samples had just been sent to other countries for further evaluation and it will take 3 weeks to 3 months to identify the kind of disease.

In Taiwan, the authorities have already alerted to imposed more secure inspections of the incoming passengers from the Philippines because they received a piece of information from a Taiwanese  businessman surnamed Hsieh (謝) who works in the swine feed sector and has lived in Bulacan province for decades confirmed to CNA by phone on Monday that local authorities have been burying pigs that died of a still unconfirmed disease recently.

Aside from items of baggage, the Airport authorities will now also include all hand carries bags for checking to avoid possible entry of porks from the Philippines. For a first offense, the fine shall not lower to NT$200,000 and for the repetitive offense will be charge not less than NT$1 million.

 Meanwhile, The Manila Economic and Cultural Office Chairman and the Philippines' representative to Taiwan Angelito Banayo said that "While there is no confirmation as to the presence of ASF in the Philippines, MECO respects the prerogative of Taiwan authorities to raise an airport alert on baggage brought in by visitors from the Philippines."


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