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Tropical Storm Lekima Now A Typhoon As Taiwan Braces For Strong Wind And Rainfall

The Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan (CWB) already issued a sea warning for Typhoon Lekima and will likely follow up for land warning due to Typhoon Lekima.

Typhoon Lekima has a radius of 220km and will bring strong winds and high waves to coastal areas of northern, eastern and southern Taiwan, also affected are the outlying islands of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu.

Taiwan already placing flood prevention facilities on standby as the storm is forecast to bring rainfall all over the country.

The typhoon was located at sea, east-southeast of Taipei, moving at a speed of 13kph in a northwesterly direction. The agency has 1,336 portable water pumps on standby across the country in case of inundation, according to reports.

Taiwan already closes some National Parks, Riverside parkings and probably will close some parts of the public highway for safety purposes.


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