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A OFW in Taiwan was petition and repatriated by his co-workers because of his vomiting attitude

Chunan, Taiwan- a group of OFW workers in a giant company shows their full force power to repatriate their fellow Filipino co-worker because of unacceptable and disrespectful demeanor.

A certain workers from the Province of Pangasinan has been working for over 1 year in the company as Equipment Engineer and also an Ex-Taiwan. All his co-workers have decided to petition him for repatriation because every time a production worker would asked his assistance at work or even his colleagues, he utter an indiscriminate foul words such as "mga bobo, gago, etc.."

According to his fellow workers he is so very disrespectful and boastful towards his co-workers. And aside from his vomiting attitude, he can do such things because he is closed with his leader.

A week after a petition was submitted to the management of the company. Yesterday, September 18, 2109 his career in a giant company has ended. The boastful have been repatriated by his company through the power of his co-workers.

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