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Apple Inc awards an amount of US$250million to Corning Inc

Apple Inc deepened its ties with Corning Inc as the manufacturing company will recieve an award worth US$250 million to support Corning Inc’s continued work to develop glass for iPhones and other devices.

Scratch-resistant glass for every generation of iPhone has been made by Corning which also also supplies glass for iPads and Apple Watches.

“Apple and Corning’s rich history dates back more than a decade, and our partnership revolutionized glass and transformed the technology industry with the first iPhone,” according to Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams.

The additional investment would allow the company to develop “groundbreaking new glass innovations,” while expanding its manufacturing capabilities, according to Corning chairman and CEO Wendell Weeks.

The amount will be used for future opportunities that may lead to growth. Apple and Corning first teamed up more than a decade ago when Steve Jobs ordered the first plastic screen for iPhone.

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