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Compensation to be recieved by the family of Des, the OFW who died in a chemical accident

Taiwan International Worker's Association (TIWA) said that the family of 'Des' will receive compensation from her employer, as well as labor insurance and group insurance payouts, reported by Central News Agency.

Remebering Deserie Castro Tagubasi, 29, died on Aug. 28 hours after being spilled with the deadly hydroflouric acid in her company Tyntek Corporation in Miaoli, Taiwan.

The famimy will recieve an amount yet to be disclosed and also a labor insurance payout equivalent to 40 months' of her average recent salary as they will decide if the offer is acceptable.

Tagubasi's beneficiaries became eligible to an accidental death benefit, as she was covered by a group insurance.

Additionally, Tagubasi's family will also recieve NT$230,000 (Php390,000), which was donated by her friends and co-workers in Taiwan

The factory had violated the occupational health and safety laws by not providing its workers when they had to handle hazardous materials, according to MOL's Division of Planning and Occupational Health.

"There is no amount of money that can replace my sister's life. We want the company to be held liable for what happened because we know that they have had lapses and negligence regarding the safety of their workers." said by Digna Tagubasi Abarra, Des' sister.

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