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OFW in Taiwan organizes concert and sell shirts to raise fund for son fighting leukemia

Choi Mallari, a Filipino migrant worker in Taiwan had organized a music concert in Taoyuan to help raise funds to meet the medical bills of his son, who is battling leukemia in the Philippines.

His son, Gabriel Luis Mallari needs at least 100,000 pesos each month for the treatment as his father organizing mini musical concerts at printin tshirt with 'Lifesavers' printed in front of it.

"I found out last December that my 7-year-old son had leukemia, and in January he started chemotherapy treatment that would last three years," said Mallari as reported by Central News Agency.

Ticket admission to the concert which they organize every sundays costs NT$50 and the lifesaver Tshirts are priced at NT$400.

The music concert included a mime group, a hip hop dance crew and music bands of various genres.

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