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President Rodrigo Duterte advised Filipinos to "SLAP" a government official who will extort money

As we can see theirs a lot of public servants who work in government were still working corruption under President Rodrigo Duterte. As he responds to that issue, President Duterte obliges all Filipinos to be assertive and make a scene when they encounter corrupt officials.

"I am telling you, be assertive. And when you are asked for more than the required payment by the government, again I’m telling you, make a scene in the office".the president said.

"Make a scene, slap that person because that report will reach me," he added.

The president even gave a line that Filipinos may use when dealing with a corrupt official: “[Ang sabi] ni Duterte that if you extort money from me, I will slap you. At sampalin talaga ninyo. Di na bale magka-away. I will defend you.”

The chief executive said he has punished corrupt officials at the MalacaƱang Palace.

"I will be frank with you. I am the only president who until now beats people. I make them eat bills." he said.

He also encouraged Filipinos to report corrupt government officials through hotline 8888.

“Be sure that it is true. Though you are not liable for libel, pero ‘wag naman ‘yang makasakit ka ng tao na wala namang kasalanan (but don’t make a report that would only hurt innocent people),” he said.

“I have fired or caused the resignation of more than a hundred officials and appointees of government without regard to relationship and friendship and alliance,” he said.

“There is no sacred cow, as the saying goes, in my administration,” he said.

In his last three years in office, Duterte has pledged to run after government officials tagged in corrupt practices.


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