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Complete guide on how to send your remittance for FREE in EMQ and received in a minute

Good news for all OFW in Hongkong and Taiwan, do you know that we have a new and very convenient and efficient way of sending our hard earned money? Yes, I myself have experienced sending my remittance to my family in the Philippines.

Just what I did, I uploaded the hottest apps in town, the EMQ application. This can be downloaded in Android and IOS phone.

How to use EMQ apps?
1. Download the EMQ Apps for Free
2. Registration, just prepare your ARC / National ID
3. Follow the procedure
4. Wait for the confirmation code from EMQ Online System.
5. After you receive the confirmation, you can start filling or adding your recipients. You can add as many as you can.
Remember: Full name, contact number and address must be written correctly or else may lead to cancellation.
6. Then after filling, you can now send money to your family.
7. Exchange rate is visible in sending section.
8. Enter the amount you want to send.
Note: A Maximum of NT$30,000 only per month.
9. Choose sending option (Palawan, Cebuana, and Banks Only)
10. Then choose the reason of sending money and then confirm.
Note: Don't forget to choose reason because it won't proceed.

11. Right after pressing the send transaction, a confirmation message will be sent to your EMQ inbox.
12. After receiving a confirmation, a Barcode will appear on the transaction.
13. Now, proceed to any 7/11 or Hi-Life convenient stores near you.
14. Recipient will immediately received the transaction details through text message.
15. The sender will receive a confirmation message right after the recipient received the money.

For Hi-Life, just present the Barcode directly to the counter / cashier and it will be scan and then pay the amount on the transaction you've done.

For 7/11, you will proceed to ibon machine located inside the stores. And then choose the payment menu and then scan the barcode in ibon machine. Then a receipt will be printed and then proceed to the cashier and present the receipt and pay the amount of transaction.

Take note and no hidden charges. And it's very convenient, why? On my experience it takes only a minute,  then they received the money.

Aside from that, you can send as many as you want for FREE until December 2019. So we can save transaction fee unlike the convenience way of sending remittance and you can send money 24/7.

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