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Taipei capital of Taiwan named as the World’s Seventh Smartest City

Taipei capital of Taiwan name  the world’s seventh smartest city, ahead of Tokyo and New York, according to the Smart City Index 2019 published by Switzerland’s IMD Business School.

The world’s No.1, Singapore, was the only other Asian city to finish in the top 10, which included seven European cities.

Taiwan has an advantage in promoting smart cities, and the public and private sectors should work together to push ahead with smart initiatives.

Taipei, Taiwan has seen several municipalities engaged in smart city plans, is well-positioned to become a leading country on this front.

Compared with other cities around the world, it would be relatively easier to implement smart city strategies in Taiwan, as cities on the island are smaller and have robust demand for urban renewal, said commercial real estate.

The review of 102 cities was based on interviews with 120 residents in each town about the use of technology in their daily lives, the United Daily News reported. Topics for questions included the use of the Internet to register for hospital visits, the attitudes toward closed circuit TV cameras to fight crime, and satisfaction with transportation.


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