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Taiwan Brokers Association demand new increase of service fee for migrant workers

Do you know that there's new demand of Brokers Association in the migrant workers.

Here are the following:

Increase broker's  fee of 300NT per month (for the emergency assistance abroad it is for the deceased and for those who have gotten illness). So 1800nt that is throughout the duration of our contract.

Every migrant worker who wish to transfer to the new employer, The migrant worker needs to pay 2 months basic and the his/her new employer needs to pay 2 1/2 months basic

After the contract was made if the employer and employee wanted to rehired the contract, both parties need to pay. 
1 month salary of employee and 1 1/2 monthly basic salary must pay by the employee

Those are the proposed demand of the Brokers ' Association in Ministry of Labor (MOL)

Aside from that, their was a dialogue with MOL and the MOL invited the Brokers ' Association, the Government of sending countries and several NGOS and the NGO had a press conference in front of MOL for Do not permission those Brokers ' Association because it can add some burdens to migrants workers here in taiwan, but we as migrant workers, we will not allow this to pass

All migrant workers are covered by it. Caretaker, Factory Worker, Construction Worker, Fisherman and domestic workers are not safe here if it is enforceable



  1. Ang kapal Naman kakaunti nalang sahod pabigat pa kayo brocker Wala Nan kayo masyado ginagawa sa mga employee at employer

  2. Saan utak nyo para magdemand ng ganyan, halos mga CT at CG kpg naihatid nyo na sa employer wala n kau paki-alam. even sinasaktan ng alaga or kulang sa food.

  3. Masyado malaki kaltas ng brokers fee..wala nmn sila ginagawa sa mga employees dapat 5k nt na lng binibigay sa kanila.kawawa nmn ang mga mahihina na company na kinakaltasan nila ng 1.8k nt..

  4. Grabe mapag sa mantalang mga broker tanggal8n na lng mga yan


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