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Taiwanese engineers considers cases on the collapsed bridge in Yilan

According to the Taipei Technology College of Engineering dean, the collapse of the Nanfangao Bridge in Yilan County might have been due to rusted anchoring points as they broke out.

The vertical cable at the center of the bridge’s steel arch was the first to snap, according to the dean which is seen in the footage.

The snapping of the vertical cable caused a domino effect that also snap the other 10 steel cables even they should have been capable of evenly distributing the weight the broken cable.

Strong winds brought by Typhoon Mitag would have caused the cables to sway constantly, which could have forced the cables to the point of snapping, added by a professor of civil engineering at National Central University.

The bridge is a year 21 and the last inspection was conducted in 2016 and per regulations, each cable cord was inspected every four years.


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