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75 year old Woman in Taiwan murdered her husband after caring for 30 years

The 75-year-old woman named Chen, who has been unable to take care of her husband who has diabetes and high blood pressure, has been in the hospital for more than 30 years. When she was asleep with her husband in October 2018, she slammed her head 13 times to death. When the woman was brought back to the investigation by the police, she kept whispering "I can't take care of him again" and she was later charged with murder.  The Shilin District Court reopened the court, but Chen’s daughter was saddened by her mother’s grievances and hoped to be lightly sentenced.

Because her husband has many chronic diseases, she can't take care of herself. She has been taken care of by Chen.  Suspected that she could not stand the pressure of long-term care, Chen held her head and slammed her husband's head until her husband stopped breathing. After the incident, she surrendered at Shilin District Prosecutor's Office and she told them that she killed people.

According to the joint news network, after the incident made by Chen, she lost more than 30 kilograms of weight. When she appeared in court today (11th), she appeared to be very weak. She admitted that her physical and mental pressure was too high that's why she wanted to kill her husband.  This way, she don't have to take care of him, she can get rid of it, and she are quite guilty afterwards.

Chen’s children are pleading for her in the court. She said that her mother has taken care of her father’s life for more than 30 years. She is physically and mentally unbearable. She hopes to send her to the hospital for mental identification. She also hopes that the judge will consider the mother’s physical and mental condition to delay the trial time and be able to  give her a sentence.

The judge said that whether or not to send a private appraisal to the National Taiwan University will be subject to the results of the collegial panel's deliberation. It is also known that the next court will pass on the children and sisters to testify in the court.

Source: TVBS


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