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A big rally to kick off against "abolishing broker system" in Taiwan

Migrants Workers are organizing a big rally this coming December.  08, 2019 it is Sunday.  The gathering will take place at 12:30 noon at the front of KMT.

This rally was about the request of migrant workers to remove the private system of agencies. For a many decades the taiwan government and the countries that sending a foreign workers have ignored various exploitation problems caused by  private agency and ignored the protection of rights for migrants.

In 2016, the Abolition passed a 3 year 1 day exit. This is what a migrants worker are hoping for in order to pay off and reduce their debts.  But what the agencies do is sell the job to job seekers, in short it is called a "Transfer Fee".  Despite complaints about this, the agencies have not acted and they have continued their illegal activities

Right now,  Migrant workers from both sides of the government are demanding that long-serving agents be responsible for protecting migrant workers and forcing the government to have government to government hiring.

In the coming Dec.  08, everyone is invited to participate in a Migrants Big Rally to oppose private agencies and ask the government for government process.

Source: TIWA


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