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A Migrant worker in Taiwan has stolen her employers safety box with huge amount of money

Courtesy of EToday

In Taoyuan City, Yesterday a female migrant worker is reported to have stolen her boss's money.  The woman is an Indonesian.

Together with her boyfriend they tried to steal her boss' safety box with only NT $ 2.08 million worth of money.  Using an electric bike in the middle of the night to prevent anyone from seeing them, they both stole the safety box.  But the two suspects were soon arrested.  And the victim recovered the money that they had stolen. Currently, The suspects have been taken to the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office.

According to Cai Xiaoyue, the investigative captain of the Luzhu Police Branch said the victim's money had come from working hard by selling vegetables on a daily basis.  All the money that can earns of the victim is put in a safety box, but it doesn't surprise that the victim was  robbed by her assistant along with her boyfriend. Fortunately, police arrested the suspects within 16 hours.  And they are being prosecuted by the authorities.

Source: ET Today


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