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Adenovirus outbreak possible in Taiwan

Over the past two weeks, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warned on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, a possible outbreak of adenovirus after reported cases grow rapidly.

Adenoviruses cause illnesses, such as common cold, conjunctivitis or so-called pink eyes, bronchitis, pneumonia, while most children causes infection in the respiratory tract.

The Centers for Disease Control Director General Lo Chuni-chun said that despite the increasing number of patients diagnosed with adenovirus, He assured the public that the virus is not life-threatening. It can cause fever without the symptoms of tiredness or feeling weak, Lo said.

He also added that the data came from the past two weeks was increased by 40% with 15%-17% of patients treated for respiratory virus infections in Taiwan. As of Nov 9, there are 69,496 seeking treatment for flu-like symptoms at different hospitals and clinics in Taiwan according to the Centers for Disease Control statistics.

Director-General Lo strongly advised practicing good hygiene to prevent them from spreading or wear a surgical mask especially children with poor immune systems and people with heart and lung diseases.


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