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Case of Pneumonic Plague or Black Death terrified by Chinese citizens, 2 people infected

Chinese officials were confirmed yesterday, that the two patients inside Mongolia were diagnosed with pneumonic plague where Chinese citizens feared the spread of the disease because of the outbreak behind the infamous Black Death.

China state-run mouthpiece Xinhua, reported that the People's Government of the Chaoyang District of Beijing City announced on Tuesday that two residents of the Sonid Left Banner and Xilingol League in Inner Mongolia were found to have been diagnosed by the pnuemonic plague by experts.  The two patients are currently being treated in the Chaoyang District in Beijing where infection prevention and control is placed.

That morning the two patients were admitted to the emergency department of Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing with low blood pressure.  After they were taken with a blood sample, about noon the patients were diagnosed with pneumonic plague.

According to Caixin's report, in the early stages, the disease was not easily transmitted from person to person.  But in this case the infection has spread to the patient's lungs and makes them more contagious.

Chaoyang Hospital officials told local journalists that from their diagnosis the two patients were transferred to an unnamed hospital where it specializes in treating infectious diseases.  When contacted by a reporter at Chaoyang Hospital he said there was nothing to worry about because everything was under control.

When the reporter asked if everything was under control it meant that the two patients were safe.  A hospital spokesperson said the patients were no longer at the Chaoyang Hospital because they had been transferred to another hospital.  For details of the situation please wait for the notice from the officials.

Yersinia pestis is the bacterium that causes plague and is responsible for some of the worst epidemics in human history including the Plague of Justinian, The Black Death, The Great Plague of London and the Third Pandemic.  Plague can take the three leading forms including septicemic, bubonic, and pneumonic plagues, the latter of which struck two patients in Beijing.

Plague is a Class A infectious disease in China, as the mortality rate for untreated septic and pneumonic plague can range from 30 to 100 percent with an incubation period of one to six days.  After breaking the news most Chinese netizens were shocked and word quickly spread throughout the Chinese community online.


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