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New Chiba Hot Pot at Ximen Zunjue Hall in Taiwan

New Chiba Hot Pot Ximen Zunjue Hall

Are you hungry?  Would you like to taste black beef, angel red shrimp and Matsusaka pork?  Let's go and try it.. I know a new open eatery, this is the New Chiba Hot Pot in Ximen Zunjue Hall.  At just 399 you have 70 kinds of dishes, 40 kinds of drinks, an increase of 200 angel shrimp and beautiful cattle to eat.

This newly opened hot pot has ingredients that will really satisfy you.  The beverages in the cabinet are arranged sequentially.  And the beautiful place also has a black and white cut area that cooked the food you order and most of the beers are unlimited drinks here.

The newly opened New Chiba Hot Pot Ximen Zunjue Hall, the ingredients are further enhanced, providing three kinds of food, A package with a price of 399, B package is 499 and C package is 599, so the  want to eat well and be completely satisfied is completely satisfied !!!

New Chiba Hot Pot Ximen Zunju Hall
Address: 7th Floor, 52 Emei Street, Wanhua District, Taipei

Time: 11:00~23:00

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