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New night market in Jiaoxi Township opens in Dec. 13, it will be called "Hot Spring Night Market"

Taipei - According to Taiwan News, Taiwan's famous hot springs located in the Jiaoxi Township are set to open in mid-December for the opening of a new night market there.

According to the UDN report, Jiaoxi Township is located in the Northeast of Yilan Country.  This is the place that North Taiwanese residents always come to visit in the fall and winter because of the hot spring.  To add more local nightlife, the Jiaoxi Township Office has taken the experience of the Qinggou Night Market in Dongshan Township and is absorbing it in Jiaoxi.

The new night market will be called "Hot Spring Night Market" located on Chanye Road behind Jiaoxi Railway Station.  The night market is set to open on December 13 and will only take place on Sundays.

New night market organizers estimate that the market will have 200 stalls with the aim of replicating Qinggou's size.  Yilan Country is the most popular night market for tourists.  This night market not only sells foods but also has gaming stalls such as target balloons, pinball machines and ring games.

The mayor of Jiaoxi Township told UDN that the opening of the new night market will help Jiaoxi to keep tourists here and they are no need to go to other night market towns.  He added that the night market will also add space for motorists to stop during Friday to Sunday rush hours on Northeast Taiwan's highways that are expected to ease some traffic.

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