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Taipei ranks No.44 in the global list as one of the most innovative cities

Taipei, Taiwan- In the recent survey, among cities in world, Taipei jumped to 16th place on the global list of modern cities to reach the No. 44 ranked this year.

In the list of  Australia's 2thinknow, New York City topped the global list and Tokyo, Japan came second.

According to the CNA report, the annual Innovation Cities index ranks 500 cities for their elements that are conducive to change such as public transport, green architecture, and real estate and privacy.

The Taiwan country ended between Istanbul and Rome while it was in the Top 5, New York and Tokyo followed by London, Singapore and Los Angeles.

In a survey conducted, the revival of cities in the United States was noted.  That includes Houston Dallas-Fort Worth jumping into the top-20.  While Europe was not included in the global list because of poor performance, only London, Paris and Berlin are considered high as they continue to features because all of them are falling compared to the last year.

Source: Taiwan News


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