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Taiwan weather to drop by 8 degrees due to northeast monsoon

Taipei, Taiwan (November 18, 2019)- Our weather update for the whole week, a more cooler weather we will experience which would drop by 8 degrees compared to the temperature last week this due to the strengthening of northeast monsoon and the cold front including the periphery of storm Kalmaegi which bring more cooler weather to the country. According to CWB

Temperatures in the country will drop down and will range to 17-21 degrees Celcius at early morning while at daytime 28-30 degrees Celcius in Central and Southern Taiwan and 24-26 for Northern part of the country.

On November 19, Tomorrow a more cooler temperature will be experience, 19-21 degrees Celcius for Southern and Eastern part of the Country. While the Northern and Northeastern of the country will  drop its temperatur to 18-18 degrees Celcius.


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