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Unlimited Korean Restaurant for only NT$369 (Eat all you can)

Craving for some delicious foods? Don't know where to eat and buy different foods? Don't worry! In Taiwan, there also have Korean food to eat all you can.

Are you hungry? Let's go and try to eat Korean food in Taichung City. We know that you're tired of your everyday life at work. 

Is it your rest day? Why not try to unwind with your loved ones or with your friends. Eat some delicious foods. Food is life. Sometimes we need to taste different foods.

For only 369 for weekday lunch and 399 for weekday dinner, weekend and holiday. Will you wait for another rest day!? try it now.

All you need to do is dress up and invite your friends. Here's the address:

Restaurant name: Mr. M. Eat Korean Barbeque ( Eat all you can) 

No. 342, Section 2, Nantun Road, Nantun District, Taichung City, 40873
To get there, from Taichung Station (square) just ride in a bus number 30, 40 and 73, and get down in Nantun Wenxin intersection and you can see it immediately. 


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