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Be amazed with the worderful beauty of Crystal Church

See the wonderful beauty of the Crystal Church. The Church was open way back 2004 for tourist attraction. This place becomes a spot for prenup photos for weddings. The church adopted a large pile of salts that are connected to a small pile that forms different kinds of shapes. The white color of crystal salt combed the ideas to lessen the sadness for numerous patients of the Blackfoot disease. The crystal church was located at the North bank of Zhu-Tu-Gou that is between Zhongzhou Salt Fields and Zhoubei Salt Fields. In the early years, there is a wide flat western coast it has a salt field that is the largest land scene that stands out from the surface of the group because large salt turns into small hills. The Crystal Church gives a wonderful view to the tourist and it has an overlook of Xishan Mountain, Kau-un-Khun and from the southside is the Bromine-Making Tower. The tourist can also drive to the westbound to see the salt fields of Jing-Zai-Jiao.

Beimen Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan (R. O. C)
Telephone No.

Open Hours:

How to get there:
Private Transportation:
* Nat'l 1> Exit at the Sinying Interchange > County Hwy 172 > Prov. Hwy 19 > County Hwy 171.

Public Transportation:
* You should take TRA to Tainan Train Station then transfer to Tainan City Bus line 2 and get off at Baeimen Station.

* You should take HSR to Chiayi Station then transfer to Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Southwest Coast Route 7702 and get off at Beimen Visitor Center Station.

* You should take HSR to Chiayi Station then transfer to Alishan bus 168 and get off at Beimen Visitor Center Station.


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