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Eight Nationals get their ROC citizenship without givng up their own

In Taiwan there are eight foreign nationals was recently get the Republic of China citizenship without giving up their own. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) said that there are a total number of 119 since the law revision passed in 2016 that allows dual nationality in special cases.

 According to the ministry, the eight people were professionals that came from Malaysia, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Poland, and Indonesia. They gained naturalization without giving up their own citizenship from their respective countries.

 Three out of eight nationals are professionals in the field of education while the other three are in medicine, one in economics and one in technology. 

 The ministry said, one of the Malaysians nationals helped Taiwan to obtained big international recognition because of his advance research on the prevention of thrombosis-related to its complications. Through the use of the tapeworm drug called Niclosamide. 

 Based on the record of the ministry, there is another doctor. An Indonesian national who has been involved in the long-term care of patients with diabetes and thyroid disease. The said doctor has been teaching in related fields. While one of the Malaysians won the Ta-you Wu Memorial Award in the year 2018 and he was recognized for his visionary and advanced research on the field of chemical biology. 

  Since the National Act was amended in December 2016, a total of 119 foreigners have obtained naturalization in Taiwan without giving up their own citizenship from their countries. 


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