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Explore Green World Ecological Farm in Hsinchu

 Are you an animal lover, or do you love to visit the zoo? Try to visit the Green World Ecological Farm it is occupying 70 hectares, it is a great place to come with your family, friends and loved ones. Green World Ecological Farm is located in Beipu, Hsinchu. This is an international class ecological farm featuring six theme parks like water plants park, bird ecological park, butterfly ecological park, discovery land area, swan lake, and biodiversity adventure area. The entrance fee is the same for kids and adults, 300ntd each.

This place was very fresh air, you will find many species such as butterflies, macaws, swan parrots, hornbills, goats, turtles, etc. and plants such as cactus section were so amazing they have a lot of different shapes and sizes and you can approach them and take a picture. This is a great park so came and enjoy everything you can find here. At the extreme extent of the park, it is less than a day's tour and their comfort room has a nice mountain view. If you are tired and you want to eat they have a restaurant and coffee shops such as the rainforest cafe and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountain. What I enjoy most here is when I encounter Alpaca's, they are really cute when they jump in the grass, they are released in public then after a curfew the Alpaca's will be sent back to their place.

Address: 314, Taiwan, Hsinchu County, Beipu Township
Tel no: +886-3-580-1000

How to get there: *Transportation;
Nat'l Hwy 3πŸ‘‰ Exit at the Chiunglin Interchange πŸ‘‰ County Hwy 124 ( to Judung)πŸ‘‰Prov. Hwy 3.

-Take TRA to Chupei Train Station/Take HSR to Hsinchu Train Station, transfer to Lions Head Mountains Route Shuttle Bus 5700, get off at Green World Ecological Farm stop.


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