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How to correct the wrong spelling of name indicate in Birth Certificate

The Birth Certificate is one of the most important documents that hold on of every people.  When the children are born it is the first document that settle of all  parents because it is a proof of your identity.

Birth certificate is not only a simple document, it is important as it provides all the information about your personality: name;  parents;  sex;  date of birth, place of birth and at what time you are born.  This document is used all the time: when you are baptized, start studying, find a job;  obtaining other requirements such as a passport;  And by the time you get married it will need you as well.

On the other hand, there are also happened and encountering errors in filing a birth certificate such as a late register and misspellings of the name, sometimes even a date of birth and sex so you will need to fix it.

Wrong spelling of name is the most encounter problem on birth certificate, as a help to our fellow citizens here are some guidelines on how to correct the incorrect names on your birth certificate:

1. You must go to the Local Civil Registrar where you were born.  You will file a Petition for correction of your name on birth certificate.

2. You will pay the sum of 1,000 pesos for the petition for correction of entry and the sum of 1,500 pesos when you file with the civil registrar the Migrant Petition or the petition which is not registered on the birth certificate.

3. You must bring a copy of the birth certificate to be corrected and other documents that will prove or invalidate your wrong birth certificate such as follows:
           a.  Affidavit of Discrepancy by attorney and
               signed by two witnesses.
           b.  School records such as form 138, diploma
               and transcript of record
           c.  Medical Records
           d.  Baptismal Certificate
           e.  Valid ID's

4. All such documents must be forwarded to the Civil Registrar.  Once all the documents required for the petition have been filed, the Civil Registrar will send them to the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) office for approval.  It takes three months to process the correction of birth certificate.

5. Once approved by the PSA, it will return all documents to the Local Civil Registar for another approval and prepare the Certificate of Finality.

6. Once all the processes have been completed and corrrected, the owner can obtain the birth certificate.

For knowing of everyone once you have fixed your birth certificate and it has been corrected, nothing can change the original stated and underlying birth certificate information.  This is just have an Annotation on the side or bottom of the birth certificate like the picture below.


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