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Let's explore the Leofoo Wildlife Park in Hsinchu

Do you love animals or animal lovers? I know there are sights you will love because you will find many different animals here. Try to visit LeoFoo Theme Park located in Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. The Leofoo Village Theme park was built in 1979 as Leofoo Wildlife Park. In 1989, the wild park was renamed Leofoo Village Theme Park. This park features much attraction of different styles and proper themed areas like safari theme you will find various animals such as tiger, lion, flamingos, zebra, monkey, rhinoceros hippos, giraffes, etc.

You can enjoy the different animals you see and you can see them closely to take some pictures. They also have a train ride that you can ride while looking at the nice view around. If you like thrilling rides they have a roller coaster that you will enjoy especially if you are with your friends and love ones especially with family. Especially if you are carrying a child here they will enjoy the mascot parade the street dancing and shows they have. I have never ridden on thrilling rides because I am scared, but here I have the experience of riding super enjoy and I love the place.

Address: 306, Taiwan, Hsinchu County, Guanxi Township,60
Tel no: +886-3-547-5665

How to get there: Take a bus 5653 from Zhongli Railway Station to Leofoo Village Resort or from Zhongli Railway Station go to Jingan and take E-go Bus.

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