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Love seafoods? Come visit Fuji Fishing Harbor

  Lovers of seafood and views of the ocean? Come visit Fuji Fishing Harbor.

 The Fuji Fishing Harbor originally came from a small village and it grows as time pass by it becomes an active source of fish and other seafood products. Fishing boats sell their catch every night in the Harbor Fish Market after went fishing. The boats that are operating out of the harbor was busy in an offshore fishing activity like crabbing. There are varieties of shops in the harbor where buyers can ask the stores to cook the fish you bought to taste the seafood fresh from the sea. The Fuji Fishing Harbor was located at North Coast Highway near in the greater area in Taipei.

Address :
Fujian, Shimen District, New Taipei City (Provincial Highway No. 2 25km)

How to get there:

Private Transportation:
* Nat'l Highway 1 > Exit at Badu Interchange > Prov Hwy 62 > Prov. Hwy 2

Public Transportation:
* You should take HSR or TRA to Taipei Train Station then transfer to Taipei MRT bound to Tamsui Station and transfer to Tamsui Bus 862 or 863 bound to Keelung then to Fugui Cape Lighthouse stop.

* Or you should take HSR or TRA to Taipei Train Station then transfer to MRT Tamsui Station and transfer to Crown Northern Coast Shuttle Bus then get off at Fugui Cape Lighthouse (Laomei Green Reef) Stop. Please see the bus scheduled in Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus Web.

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